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In the Sikhote-Alin (author VK Arseniev)

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 Cupid in the lower
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 Along the coast in boats
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 Tornado near the mouth of the river Tumnin
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 Winter hike along the river Khungari
Michail bulgakov. the heart of a dog

Mikhail bulgakov. the master and margarita

Charlotte bronte. jane eyre

F. scott fitzgerald / the great gatsby

Jerome klapka jerome / three men in a boat

     In the Sikhote-Alin (author VK Arseniev)


The next day the shooter Marunich announced his intention to go on the hunt. This statement was greeted with laughter. He was commissioned zavedyvanie economy, a position he played as long as we sailed along the coast by boat, and while standing in the river fanze Kiveta Samarga.

All day he was busy with the housework troubles: he cooks in the morning, at noon, cooked dinner, prepared dinner in the evening, then again brewed tea. While others can go hunting, Marunich was tied to the kitchen.

But today, he announced that he was tired of sitting around the meat and because it takes all the dogs and go hunting. We first took it as a joke, but then realized that he was, indeed, decided to leave for the day.

Marunich persuaded to stay Glegolu for itself, and he started going, put on his coat, boots, big hairy hat and mittens. Then he gathered all the sled dogs on one long strap and with a gun in his hand went into the woods. The dogs were running in all directions, stumbling through the trees, and allowed him to go. Accompanied liners and ironic advice, he soon disappeared into the woods.

Night fell fine snow and a thin layer covered the ground. By morning, the sky cleared up a bit, and in some places formed gaps. Sun rays breaking through the clouds, illuminating the soft outlines of the distant mountains, white with snow, and the forest around Kiveta huts.

When he got home, I sat down to work: it was travel diary entries drawn route to collate and produce barometric leveling, some of the shooters remained outside. Half an hour passed.

Suddenly, in the hut ran like crazy Rozhkov. Grabbing a rifle hanging on the wall, he ran headlong from the house. Behind him ran another shooter, then a third, and then everyone started grabbing the gun and ran off somewhere, facing the door and interrupting each other. When I asked what happened, they did not respond, but their faces, I saw that they were all excited and rush something to watch out for a rare case.

Hastily follow the arrow left and I'm from hut and saw an interesting sight.

On the other side, where he went hunting Marunich, roebuck rushed terrified, not seeing anything in front of her, she passed over close to the arrow next hut. Fearing more, roebuck rushed to the river with the intention to move to the other side, but the misfortune fell on the smooth ice, slipped and fell. She struggled to get up, but her hooves slid, slithered feet apart, and then it fell to one side, then the other.

All shooters, seizing guns, ran to Roe, stretched out in a line of two hundred steps. First ran Rozhkov. He's not taking aim, fired at Roe almost point-blank and, as always happens in such cases, missed. Then the next shot, then a third, and so all in turn. Finally, roebuck rose and with great difficulty, slipping on smooth surface of ice covered with snow, went to the other bank of the river. Arrows opened rapid fire on it, but since all in a hurry, no one came. Roebuck safely reached the opposite shore, make the jump and disappeared into the bushes. Someone ran after her, and the rest went to fanze. By gestures and tone of voice, I realized that the arrow reproached each other blunders and most abused Rozhkov, who made the first shot.

At this time in the woods seemed dog. They fled in all directions, connected by two, three, or alone. Watchful ears, burning eyes and jerky breathing them indicated that they were pursuing the footsteps of Roe. Dog swept past us so fast that we do not hold them failed.

About ten minutes later and ran Marunich, holding a rifle in his left hand, the right hand gesticulating frantically. He looked confused, his cap pushed to the eyes, his face scratched, torn clothes.

- Where? Where? - He cried.

- Who? - Asked the astonished hands.

- Yes, a goat! - He answered impatiently. - She ran towards you - and seeing a dog on the river, he went after them.

- Wait a minute, wait a minute - shouted him Rozhkov - everything is over, the goat has long gone.

Marunich stopped, looked searchingly at the river, then waved his hand and returned back.

Arrows surrounded him, began to examine all sides and bombard.

- Where have you been? What is it? - They asked.

Marunich caught his breath, adjusted his cap and began to talk, and the more he talked, the louder the laughter of his comrades.

What happened with Marunich this.

Going on a hunt, he loaded the gun and the ammunition clip stuck behind ankle boots.

Twelve sled dogs, which he took with him all the time for strong pulling leashes. Fearing that they would not have escaped and fled, he said, seizing a convenient moment, paused at any tree and tied them to his belt.

As luck, this time from a nearby gully jumped roebuck. Remembering that the gun was not loaded, Marunich began looking for bootleg cartridges, but clip down so low that to get her hand, he could not.

Then he sat down, took off his boots and emptied the clip. At this point, the dog, sensing Roe, rushed down the slope of the mountain.

Marunich told me that the dog was dragged along the ground, as block on the rope. He cried, clutching at shrubs, rocks, for all that came to hand.

But soon he had become wedged between two close-growing trees, leash finally broke, and some dogs have chased the beast.

Traces left Marunich on earth, were still fresh, and it is easily reached his boots. Right beside them lay the rifle and the ammunition clip.

Loading his gun, he ran for the dogs in the hope that they will catch up Roe. Human voices, the firing of guns and dogs barking led him to fanze Kiveta.

When Marunich learned that roebuck gone, he got angry

- How much time I drove it with the dogs, and you, so many people could not get in the prone - acidly he said - I'm not going to go more for you on the hunt.

After that, he began to remove the splinter from the hand and lubricate iodine scrapes and bruises, and there were so many that after this "operation" his skin became mottled, like a panther skin.

- Fully you scoff, - snapped Marunich to shooters who continued to comment on his adventure and roared with laughter, looking at his face ornamented iodine.

Marunich went to the kitchen and started his own business, and the vortices, having collected all the free people went in search dogs.

It was late evening. Tired sky faded, the air turned blue; flushed snow on the mountain tops and slopes in the dark took pale purple shades. Silence and darkness descended on earth.

Quite at dusk returned Vikhrov with dogs. One of them came up to Marunich and started barking.

- And you, too. Get out, damned! - He shouted angrily and threw it firebrand.

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