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     In the Sikhote-Alin (author VK Arseniev)


The next day the first thing I noticed, this gray sky covered Stratus clouds. Distant mountains sank in the foggy mist. It was snowing.

Fearing a snowstorm, we decided to go home. Hastily drinking tea with biscuits, we removed the tent and went to the south-east. First we hit the scree where I painfully bruised foot, then got into vetrolomnuyu fumes, and Zhang Bao ripped his pants, and then we went to zverovuyu trail.

- That's the way - I said to my companions. - Now we will go well.


- Mamandy! Kanka ba (ie, wait a minute, shall see), - said Chinese pointedly.


To smoke a little bit, my companions went ahead in the order went ahead Nozdrin Dilyunga him. Then Zhang Bao. I brought up the rear. Before we do and fifty paces, when Dilyunga grabbed his belt and hand himself quickly stepped forward to something all the time peering warily.

- What happened? - I asked him.


- C Isaiah (ie himself look), - he said, pointing to an arrow stuck in the ground.


It was a sign, but it meant I did not know. Dilyunga beat boom and moved cautiously forward, looking at the ground. Ten steps, he stopped again before zastrugannoy stick lying across the trail. It was a sign that from this very close watchful bow. Indeed, three meters for his wand could see a thin thread stretched across zverovuyu trail.

- BBC (here) - udeheets said, pointing to the thick onion in a human hand with a big boom in the big game.

I realized the danger been Nozdrin. Not paying attention to symbols, it would hurt the thread and would have been killed outright.

From crossbow further we went the virgin land.

In the afternoon the weather really turned bad. Gloomy sky as if dropped to the ground. Whitish haze was bearing down on us, and it was snowing.

To the question, how far to Kiveta hut, our guide answered evasively and, apparently, he did not know where we are now, but still, in his consideration, by nightfall we had to go to the river Samarga. So we went on a compass for two hours.

It seemed that Gary would never end. Then there are areas completely denuded of forest, then covered with a young birch tree. The area was a strange rough, shallow gully interspersed with rises in the ridges, with steep and gentle slopes.

The efforts of the wind, the noise in the mountains, snow and short vortices - All indications are that he was going strong snowstorm.

We have already completed fifteen kilometers, according to my calculations, and have long had to go out on the river Samarga. Maybe we should go and parallel to it, but now the snow is nothing to be seen.

Meanwhile, the wind from the southeast came to the East, and now blew from the north-east. I was guided by the law Beyo-points and found that the center of the cyclone was right for us, and we meet him. Wind blowing now from the island of Sakhalin, then waned for a moment, then suddenly, like a beast, broken loose, attacks humans. He raised clouds of snow from the ground, and it seemed as if the forest fire. Instantly trees disappeared from sight. A gust of wind left, smoke disappeared and large tree trunks, covered with snow, appeared again in the immediate vicinity. Finally, it became dark. I noticed that my companions began to tire. At this time, we are in a dense coniferous forest. All as if on command dropped wallet. Zhang Bao took resins, bark Dilyunga brought, I took out a piece of celluloid purses and Nozdrin gathered a large pile of firewood. A minute burst of flame, and a wisp of smoke zavilas the wind carried it away. A few minutes later a fire broke out as it should. Then we put the two lean tents facing each other and began to haul firewood.

The more it was getting dark, the more raging blizzard. We spent the night awake, asleep, felt frozen and looked forward to the morning.

Finally, the first signs of dawn. The sky was cleared, but the wind became even stronger. He came in from the north and throwing the snow from the ground, it was covering.

Collecting bag, again we went ahead and did not have time to do and hundreds of steps, as soon reached the river itself against Samarga Kiveta huts.

It's all at the same time happy and angry. In this weather the night in the forest, close to home! I attributed the failure of its weather, Dilyunga - bog hummocks, and Zhang Bao - the fox. Chinese and udeheets feels right, and my argument wrong.

Half an hour later we were sitting at home, drinking tea and told his companions who were waiting a long time adventure.

Around noon on the north side with a dark cloud loomed razlohmachennymi edges, and the wind became very strong. He broke the mast of our weather station to the ground. By dusk began to fear for the roof of the house and just in case tied her to a nearby tree.

Storm raged all night. Two days after this tour came at last the long-awaited goods from the river Kuznetsova. By this time I was ready to train sled dogs and collected.

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