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 Tornado near the mouth of the river Tumnin
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     In the Sikhote-Alin (author VK Arseniev)
          Tornado near the mouth of the river Tumnin

Tornado near the mouth of the river Tumnin

After the recent storms in nature reigned silence, though the sky more than yesterday, it was overcast. In a dark cloth, they still hung over the sea, to the west, inland, gray leaden sky stretched as far as the eye could see. Ragged clouds were so low over the earth, that all the hills, as cut by one level, had a view of separation between themselves mesas. New Snow thick, like a hood, covered yurt natives overturned upside down boat, rocks, stumps, left over from the recently chopped trees and dead wood on the ground. However, the white dress of land did not give the landscape a fun and festive look. In a dark sky, in the blue air of gloomy mountains and black as tar, water stress was felt that something had to be discharged.

I took a boat and moved to the other side of the river Return. Passing through the trees, I went to precoat the surf.

Was absolute calm at sea. Even hard to imagine him in a quiescent state: the slightest splash at the shore, the slightest ripple on the smooth surface. Large cape-date Lesseps, who advanced from the north to the sea, with a bird's eye must have seemed huge scrap of white on a dark background of water, and in profile it might have been a monster, which plunged by half in the water and stood still, as if listening to what something. And the sea and the land was silent, lifeless and empty. White-tailed sea eagles, black karmorany, colorful kamenushki and white gulls - all somewhere to hide and lurk.

I walked along the beach towards his companion, who also was in a hurry to meet me and was staring anxiously at sea.

- Where do you go? - I asked him.


- The ship is - he said, pointing in the direction of the Soviet harbor.


I looked around and saw a column of smoke, rises behind the cape that separates the bay from the Bay Chzhuanka date. At first I also thought it was smoke steamer, but I found it strange that the ship is kept as close to the bank, and, in addition, he and no reason to go beyond this cape.

Then I was surprised by the rotational motion of smoke, the speed with which he moved, and rocking it from side to side. Dark smoke column sometimes curved, thin, again, was made thicker, sometimes torn and connected again.

I was lost in conjectures, and could not give an explanation of this extraordinary phenomenon. When the column of smoke came out from the Cape to the open space, I immediately realized that I was seeing in front of a tornado. At the base of its water foamed as in the boiler. She claps, a whirlwind caught up and took it up, and the top in the form of swinging funnel coming down a dark cloud.

Because of the Cape tornado went trickle, but soon took the large size, and as he grew, increasing the speed of rotation and forward movement in the north-east. A few minutes later he took a truly gigantic proportions and suddenly split into two tornado, moving in the same direction to the island of Sakhalin.

After a while they began to come back. Then the sky arched, and the water swelled more bubbles. Another moment, and tornadoes have encountered. You would have thought that there is a huge mine exploded. At sea, a huge thrill, the clouds burst and hung in shreds, and in place in a number of tornadoes has vertical stripes, like a downpour. Then they began to fade, and it was impossible to decide what it is - rain or hail falling in the water. Then the sea was any fog, obscuring the band left by tornadoes.

Clouds, hitherto lying motionless in the sky, suddenly started to move. Dark gray with razlohmachennymi edges, like a dirty cotton wool, they were moving in all directions, experienced and absorbed each other. Wind, which appeared first in the upper atmosphere, soon came down, first a little, then more and more. The sky was rapidly cleared.

After making the necessary entries in the diary, I went to the sergeant Anton Sagdy. In it I found a few people and became their Orochi ask about tornadoes. They told me that the little devils in these places are in the autumn, but more like the one I saw today - is extraordinary. Orochi call it Sagdy SUI.

The foreman told me that once, when he was still a young man, he was in a boat with three other Oroch was in a tornado. He picked up the boat, whirled her, lifted into the air and then dropped into the water. The boat has broken, but the people did not die. Help was the other boats that were nearby.

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