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     In the Sikhote-Alin (author VK Arseniev)


Amazing things we saw in the poultry market.

The reader must imagine a high cliff, steep cliffs falling into the sea. The rock from which it is composed, arranged in horizontal layers. Exposed to weather the rock has undergone partial destruction. In many places it is weathered and collapsed into the sea, so that around the cliff, from the top to the water's edge, a plurality of ledges of varying lengths and widths. Some of them were long and narrow, while others - short and wide, and some wedging taper off, others were broken off at the beginning or have a correct steps. Places above the sea loomed large flat block, which miraculously stayed in the air, some of which had the appearance of a giant stack of shelves, holding up the enormous bottom bracket.

At one point fell strangely whole layer and formed a long gallery, closed on three sides and open to the sea. And all the ledges, all cracks, all deepening were occupied countless birds of different sizes and different colors.

The lowest occupied karmorany cornices. Despite his gloomy character, they love to nest big companies. As the exhibition, they sat sedately in a row and looked anxiously at our boat. Among the mass of white faeces, which was covered by all the eaves, they are quite stood out for its black color. Immediately nearby, part karmoranami interspersed with or adjacent to them in small groups, like soldiers at attention in a line, cormorants were small, bright plumage which smacked of blue-green metallic sheen. If they did not turn my head in order to see us through the eyes, they can be taken for a scarecrow of the purpose on the show.

Higher cormorants, but too close to the water, settled kamenushki ducks, painted in black, brown and white. Against the background of a dark-brown rock, heavily stained with guano, they would be less noticeable, if sitting still.

Cracks and grooves in the stones were occupied puffin - strange bird the size of a duck with a dark overall color, whitish head and ugly orange and green bills for which they were called sea parrots.

On the top ledges placed numerous gulls. White birds, white feathers and white droppings, which were painted entirely edge moldings, gulls did not clearly visible, despite the overall dark background rock.

Large gull gray and white were mixed with graceful broody and not quarrel among themselves, with some of them as they shuffled their feet and moved a little to the side. Sometimes they run into each other with rocks. Then the bird flew away fallen slightly, but immediately tried to return to her or sit down. But most of all the poultry market was murres, guillemots belonging to the family. There were innumerable: every ledge, each well, one may say, every inch of the eaves, where even the slightest could sit for incubating eggs - all of these were employed Sharpbeak birds with dark gray-brown plumage. Despite the fact that we were very close to the rock, all the birds were hard and did not want to leave their seats. Only some cormorants flew, but seeing that no one follows suit, and immediately returned.

Passing the cliffs, we pulled into a small cove and, as always, stood at the bivouac precoat the surf zone, where there is enough fin, dried sun and wind.

The next day was appointed dnevki. I decided to take time off and visit the rookery.

From land to approach it was easy. Some rails were bent in Dolinka and were readily available, without the risk of slip and get bruises. I climbed over them as a ladder, sometimes leaning on one knee and clutching at the rock ledge. There are so many guillemots was that I had to move with caution in order not to hurt their feet. Somehow strange to see the birds in the vicinity, which did not show the slightest concern and made no attempt to fly away or move away. Guillemots sitting on the ground and a solid mass were all heads turned to the sea. They hatched eggs, and their nests were built on the rocks with no shelter from the top. These stupid bird does not bother my presence, even in those cases, when I held his hand out to touch them, they are just defending their beaks, not getting up from their seats.

At this time, on my right, I saw a crow, then two more. They sat on the loose stones and quickly looks around and often fly from place to place. I noticed that the crows followed me and kept following me closely. At first I did not pay attention to them, but then it became my torment. I could not understand what they want from me. A couple of times I was throwing stones at them. Cunning birds guarded my movements, and only I bent over a rock or a hand raised his hand, as they warned me and took off on time, but once again landed in the neighborhood and sometimes even closer than before.

Thus, making his way along the ledges, I soon got into the thick of guillemots. Very often I have to put the foot quite close to some birds, and only then she leans her head back a bit and with some distance, as if in disbelief, consider a large and unfamiliar to her subject. I bent down, picked up one Kairu in hand and lifted her up. Immediately from the side there was a crow. In an instant, she grabbed the only nest egg, and flew along the terrace. Now I understand why so persistently followed me black feathered thief. They knew full well that, accompanying human bird colonies can be easily eat eggs, you just have to keep up. Crows act so angered me that I let go of the Guillemots and unslung his rifle. I shot the other crows with an egg in its beak just sat on the edge of the adjacent terraces. Caught the sound of the shot echoes. Thousands of birds with cries rose into the air. They literally eclipsed sun. At this time, I again saw the crows. The one that was closer, just stolen someone's egg. She chopped it with his strong beak. From eggs incubated fell almost completely naked chick. Crow tore it out and ate, and then she grabbed a second egg and flew away. Little by little, cormorants, puffins, kamenushki, gulls and guillemots become complacent and to return to their seats. I then decided not to disturb them again and went back on the roof.

Dusk, when I came to the camp. Against the background of bright sky dark mass stood Bird Rock, where thousands of birds have gathered to bring chicks to teach them to swim, fly, produce their own food, which, in turn, on the same site will also display similar. Who knows how many generations this rock had already given shelter and how many more generations will regard it as their homeland. Afterglow has faded, and only a narrow strip of purple on the horizon showed the place where the sun disappeared. Darkness of night powerfully comes into its own, and at the top in the infinite height lit mysterious light, from century to century located in the constellation.

The bivouac fire blazed brighter and brighter.

The next day we got up late. After breakfast we went to the Cossack Krylov rookery. He somehow could not believe that a bird in the nest so sit tight and do not fly away even when they touch hands. I told him how to get to the middle terrace, where it was most scrapers. Cossack took his gun and went along the coast. When he began to approach the bird colony, with one of the bushes and shot a crow flew after him. It is a strange screaming Kurla, Kurla. Immediately she was told two crows. One came from our bivouac, the other flew out of the woods, and both are also empty of Cossack. Crows did not try to overtake. They sat down on the rocks near the cliffs waiting for people pass by them. Krylov hour and a half back and reported that night rookery visited bear. Cossack found traces; much destruction of nests and eggs crushed that varnish Bruin.

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