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     In the Sikhote-Alin (author VK Arseniev)


The next day in the morning I left the tent, I saw a river with three Orochi Hadi. They came with an invitation to join them in the village of duct-Boochani. Oldest among them was Chocho Bizanka. This was removed hunter, courageous sailor and blacksmith naslavu. Only he could mending locks have guns. When he was a young man, a passerby missionary baptized him and named Ivan. In his early years he was known as Vanya Kuznetsova, when the Chocho exceeded thirty years, it began again to call Ivan. His godfather was also some random Russian Mikhail. Years passed, Chocho hair glistened silver threads, and since then it started to dignify Ivan Mikhailovich Bizanka. We will continue to call him Oroch named Chocho.

The old man was about seventy years old, but in appearance he could not give that age. He was a short, round his head with a pigtail watery gray hair, small features, but without the wrinkles, dark skin, small dark green on the upper lip and chin, small hands and feet will give the reader some idea of ??the man with whom I later destined to become close friends. The timbre of his voice was higher than usual, with hoarse notes, can not say that he was talkative, but he spoke readily and little fun of failure of young hunters. Nevertheless, they are loved and respected old man.

I told the Cossacks treat Orochi tea and biscuits to give them what they considered a great delicacy.

In the evening I invited them to his tent Chocho and learned from him, a lot of interesting things.

The next morning I wrote a letter to the concession to send them to Vladivostok with the nearest convenient opportunity, and then went to the river Oroch Hadi. As was to be expected, at the mouth of the river is divided into several shallow branches, separated by sandbars recently, education and the not yet covered with vegetation.

Duct-Boochani village located in a forest on the right bank of the river, about five kilometers from the sea. Then it was here six yurts in which we found all the Orochi, gathered here from the rivers Ma, Uy, Hadi and Tutto. Yurts of bark and barns on stilts dried the fish, overturned boats upside down, the dogs and the different birds and animals on a leash - it was already familiar to me and reminded settlement date at the mouth of the river Tumnin.

Chocho invited me to his tent. She was more and more tidier. Come here and other Orochi. We sat on either side of the fire. Immediately the little table there was a dry fish, wild cherry, tea and flour tortillas, baked by the fire. These unfortunate fate of people meet their needs. They asked me to help them advice. I explained Orochi also why I came here, where I am going and what goals the expedition, told them of his route with Anyuya at Hatu, about the destruction of boats and how we all nearly died of starvation.

Among the Orochi was somewhat old. Cross-legged, they were sitting on the bark and listened to with great attention. I then, in turn, began to question them about how they lived before, when they were still children. Old men came to life, began to recall his youth - a time long past, almost forgotten, former ... That's what they told me.

Previously, the Orochi was much. Along the coast of the sea, from Cape Khoi that south bay DeKastri to Aku, now called Cape Assumption, were visible throughout their yurts. Those who lived on the coast of the Tatar Strait to the north of Tumnin called Pyaka (Fyaka). In 1903, of those Pyaka had only three people: Pingali and Tsatyu kind of Ogomunka and Tonci kind of Bochinka.

The first two died in the same year, the last representative Pyaka still alive and lived on the river Khungari. Orochi Imperial Harbor natives who lived south of Cape Aku (on rivers and Botchi Samarga) called Kyaka. In ancient times, a few went for the Orochi seal, but the ice on which they hunted, shot off from the shore and swept into the sea. Relatives thought them dead, but fate had their lives differently. Ice drifted to the island of Sakhalin. Orochi landed and settled on the river Kui-no. According to another version, these people were on the boat, but got lost in the fog on the sea and came to the island of Sakhalin, where they remained for ever. Then, on the same island of Sakhalin in a storm brought the boat seven people with some women. These involuntary immigrants landed in the bay Biza, which is near and just north majachnye Cape and is now called the False. Here they lived. Then some of them settled on the island Seocho. That became kind Seochenka and Bizanka who later identified himself out of two kinds: Asenka and Nyannyanku. Thus, according to the Orochi, Beau Enduli (higher divine being) changes people. Orochi he sent to Sakhalin, and then sent other people. According to the Orochi, all Pyaka were bearded. Among Tumnin-ray Orochi I also saw some people with big beards. Sure, there was an admixture of Ainu blood.

Earlier Orochi heard that somewhere beyond the sea and far away there is another earth and other people. Obviously it was a Japanese, about the Ainu on the island of Sakhalin and Manchuria on the Amur. These other lands seem. them so far as to get to them can not be a mere mortal. Orochi fished, hunted with arrows, winter skiing chased animals and cut their spears. They were dressed in animal skins and clothes were made of fish skin. The oldest villages were on the river and on the river Hadi Tumnin (Hatu-Date and Date). In those days in the Imperial Harbor, also called Hadi, silence reigned, broken only by the occasional sad cries loon. Then there was not a sound of sawmills, no whistles steamers or Axe. Sometimes just a lonely hunter boat flashed somewhere near the shore, and again hidden behind a cape. Orochi knew about and saw Gilyaks olchey. With the latter they sometimes engage in intercourse and through them received iron boilers that valued extremely expensive. Thus lived Orochi as long as these people are not strangers come to their own. First appeared Manchus. They brought with them the Hanshin (alcohol, ousted from corn), but they do not sell, but only treated the Orochi. Manchu arrival caused quite a stir. The news of this spread around the coast. Orochi has come to look at the new, hitherto unseen people. Since then they have appeared wick gun. Manchus eagerly attacked the sables. Orochi did not think their fur is more expensive and prized wolverine. Many years passed. They're used to the Manchus, used to wait for them every year in the winter and even started taking them on credit gunpowder, lead, kettles, axes, beads, buttons, needles, etc. But once the shore frightened man came running and said that in that sea- it was wrong. It was early in the morning. Orochi left on the sand, and saw something strange, great, not the fish, not a bird, not a marine animal. It passed by and disappeared behind Cape Gydzhu. All night Orochi shamans and distilled evil spirit. The next day the same thing happens agai

n, and on the third day of the Orochi saw with horror that the winged monster goes straight to the bank. It was a ship - the first Russian sailors. Orochi saw the ship separated a small boat, in which six people were sitting. Orochi got scared and ran off into the woods and then just went back when people were convinced that this does not come from the world, and people are just like them, but only from other lands and speaking in an unknown language. New people told Orochi, they want to take the fish. Orochi gave them a few pieces of salmon, and Russian, and in turn, gave them money. Not having a clue what the coins, Orochi twirled them around and give kids a play. Then the Russian gave them a few pieces of colored soap. Orochi tried to eat it, but seeing that it was tasteless, abandoned dogs, and those, too, smelled and moved away. Meanwhile, in a sea storm played out. Sailing ship went to the Imperial Harbor, and landed on the shores of the Russian stayed the night. Orochi did not sleep all night and watched for scary "Lotz" (as they called Russian). In the morning the storm began to abate. The ship returned. Sailors took away the Orochi more fish and went to sea at all. Soon, the Imperial Harbor came just three ships, one large (frigate "Pallada") and two smaller ones, and stood in the Gulf Agu (Constantine). Then something happened, the Russian disturbed. They began to dig long trenches (trenches) and pour shafts (coastal batteries). The two ships left, but more remains. Then they talked about how Russian sank his ship. These stories are full of interesting details. It was winter. First, around the ship was broken ice. Guns, which they called "Sagdy chikta myaotsani" (large brass gun), and all the valuable Russian buried in the ground, but where - nobody knows. Then there was a fire on the ship, and the ship in flames, sank. As a nation, totally alien war, Orochi could not understand, why are Russian break, burn and drown his ship. The sailors left, and in the place where formerly adorned the ship could be s

een just a big gully, her floating ice and charred pieces of wood. Spring has come once eleven ships. These were once other people, dressed differently and spoke quite a different language (combined Anglo-French squadron). They burned Russian-built in the Gulf of Constantine and let the big fell, causing a lot of burned forest. A few years later in the Imperial Russian harbor reappeared. At the site of the destroyed post had been built two barracks and two warehouses. Russian winter, a shortage of food, and many of them died. Since then, "Lotz" left Constantine Bay forever.

Time went unnoticed for hours of flying hours, and all the old people remembered past and how to relive their youth. Their voice became louder and kind of young.

At this time, the tent became a young Orochi and reported that the boat comes with the Russian workers, who with saws and axes went up the river to chop and melt Hadi forest. Old men came to life, rose from their seats and slowly began to go home.

I got dressed and went outside. Foggy, dark night hung over the land. Out of the hole in the roof of the yurt with the smoke, lit the fire, sparks flew. On the river were heard Russian speech and foul language. Sea breeze informed lingering low notes - it was buzzing a steamer.

When I returned to the tent, there is already asleep. I was postlana bearskin. I took off his shoes, put his jacket under his head, and, having covered with a blanket, asleep.

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