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 Owl fisher
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 Tornado near the mouth of the river Tumnin
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 Hunting for moose
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     In the Sikhote-Alin (author VK Arseniev)
          Hunting for moose

Hunting for moose

Weather favored us. Day fell on a rare warm, it was even hot. The sun was hot. Its rays reflected from a smooth and quiet surface and tired eyes. We sailed along the coast in a distance from it, so that one eye could encompass the entire thickness of outcrops from top to bottom. From a distance, could be seen clearly and distinctly shifts stratification of rocks, bends them, synclines and anticlines. Gully between mountains, gorges also easier to observe a distance. My companions, and in particular the Orochi, also examined the coast, but have in mind is another. They looked for signs of animals, which in the early days of travel, when the path ran through uninhabited area, came across in the set.

The time was spring. The boat ran along the shore and then fell into the bands of cool sea air, the jet of warm, slightly damp wind blowing from the mainland. Bright June sun abundantly poured upon the earth, warm and life-giving rays of their own, but by last year the trampled grass, in the complete absence of moisture and leaves on the trees could be seen that the land had just freed from the white cover and has not had time to dry properly.

Yuzhyyh on slopes of the coastal mountains and the alluvial surf still some places there was a fresh vegetable, which could serve as a lure for the inhabitants of the gloomy pine forests - moose and bears leave their dens under the roots of old trees.

And, indeed, at eleven o'clock in the morning Kopinka, standing on the wheel, suddenly somehow suspicious. He stared at his eyes at one point, crouched down and began to whisper to make sounds: ti-ti-ti-ti, which meant that the warning does not move and be quiet. After that, he quickly began to steer the boat to shore.

I looked around and saw two moose, peacefully walking in a bank near the water. What caused them to go out into the open in broad daylight? They are not pinched sea pea, which has just started to break through here and there, and do not lick stones, salty irrigation water. They just went along the coast, sometimes stood still and idly glancing at the limitless expanse of the ocean. Obviously, elk accustomed to the fact that here you can go at any time of the day or night, to soak up the cool sea coast where there are no pesky, blood sucking insects.

In front, three hundred paces from the shore, was put forward in a sea of ??high ledge, about which a great foaming and roaring water. Kopinka leaned on the steering wheel, and after two or three minutes of the stones overshadowed our animals.

As soon as the boat touched the shore, both Orochi, Krylov and the whirlwind his rifle and jumped into the water, they were followed Rozhkov, and I went last. We together with Rozhkov began to drag the boat to avoid being carried away by winds and currents, and other people ran to the stones. Soon they climbed on them and began to aim their guns. Three shots took place almost simultaneously. Then they quickly got over the ridge and disappeared from our eyes.

Tied the boat to the end of logs, buried in the gravel, we went back to where they were hunters. When we climbed the rocky ridge, I saw a small bay with a low sloping bank overgrown with pine forest.

On the sand, near the water, were both elk and in its death throes are moved down. One of them raised his head. Wings shot at him, and so put an end to his sufferings. When I went to the animal life has left them. These were the two females; older one, the other - the young. Successful hunting moose forced us to stop at the camp early.

Shore, as I said, was a low, sandy, immediately flowed a small river with clean clear water and strewn with many dry fin.

I immediately ordered the boat to transfer here. Arrows went to the rocks, where they were shooting, and I was about moose and two Orochi. One of the natives came to the young female and the ear lifted her head from the ground. Fell out of her nose a few large larvae Pautov. They bent and did such movements, which clearly indicated that they did not like the position in which they now were. I bent down to the head of elk and peered into the nasal cavity and there saw many larvae, and they were moving in the mucus, some crawling in the mouth and on the tongue, which is now lifeless leaned to one side. The other elk, too, and his mouth and nose were full of the same larvae. These nasty short, thick, white and fat worms, apparently out of the animals, not only through the anus, but also through the throat. Moose had to cough and spit it on the ground, where they are likely and pupate.

When the stomach was opened old elk and thrown on the ground of its contents, I saw that its walls are in a strange move. Peering closer, I saw that all the inner membrane of the stomach is completely covered larvae suck Pautov. Some of them have fallen off, and these places were red spots, similar to the wound the size of a small pea. Numerous larvae crawling on the esophagus, hence they have got into the pharynx and nose.

Once the insides were taken out, the Orochi cut liver and put it on a paddle boat around. Armed with knives, they began to crumble it into small pieces and eat with such gusto that I could not help myself and tried a piece of the liver, after rinsing it in water. Nothing special. Like any fresh meat, she was warm and rather tasteless. I spat it and went to the beach.

At this time the boat came and we started to unload it. Then the arrow and Cossacks began to organize a camp, put up tents and butchering of animals, and I went ekskursirovat the area. The sun was already preparing to retire. Day was coming to an end and before dusk far off. On both sides of the river were many moose tracks, large and small, from which I concluded that these animals come here and alone, and a few heads at once.

As soon as I moved away from the sea, the forest grew thicker, and I started thinking about whether or not to return it back, but then I saw light ahead. It was a clearing in the middle of it and a small lake, which straddles our river. Then I went and sat down to rest on one of the fallen trees.

It was a quiet evening. Beyond the mountains, to the side where the sun had just descended, the sky is painted in purple. Thence leaving beams, painted in all the colors of the spectrum, from violet and crimson, and ending. Iridescent heavenly glow reflected in the lake, like a mirror. Some insects swirling in the air, sometimes touching the water, causing her to shudder for a moment and once again rose up.

I listened to the quiet mysterious sounds, which are always born in the forest in the twilight hours, it seems as if all of nature into a deep sleep and wakes up some other mysterious life, full of subtle ear whisper and suppressed sighs.

I was about to get up, when to my ears heard the crackling twigs, and after that I saw a moose without antlers. By the cast housing for powerful neck and beard I recognized him male. He walked quickly to the little lake shore and began to drink the water. One time he coughed heavily - whether because awash with water or because larvae Pautov irritated his throat. I thought he was quenching his thirst, but now again hidden in the woods, but moose boldly entered the water first to his knees, then to his belly, then the water covered his back, and on the surface it was only one head, and then only to the nostrils, eyes and ears. Elk slowly moved from place to place, turning his head this way and then the other, making his big ears flapped in the water and uplift many splashes. It is known that elk love to swim. Elk five minutes back out to the coast. Water flowed from it in streams. He was very shook himself once before, then backward, shook his head and rubbed his side teeth, and then easily trotted toward the forest.

I did not notice that it took time.

It must be the sun had just set behind the horizon, because in the west on the other side of the mountains blushed sunset. Distant headlands were purple in color. At some places the sky flashed weary stars. I remembered now that New Moon and hurried to camp. In the forest, soon became so dark that I could barely see the path trodden by bears. Twenty minutes later, I came to the camp. Around the tent there was a fire, and sat near my companions and cooked moose meat. They have a lively conversation. One said something, others listened. By the expressions on their faces, I saw that everyone in a good mood. Right beside them were two Orochi. They split the long bones, and joyfully swallowed raw bone fat. After dinner, I filled my travel diary and went to bed early.

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