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     In the Sikhote-Alin (author VK Arseniev)


It was one of those nice winter days, when the atmosphere for a long time, equilibrium. The sun was shining brightly. Blue sky, fresh air and land covered by a white veil, had a festive appearance. Forest, silent, snow-covered, as if frozen in a fixed position and looked into the distance, which could see the soft outlines of the mountains, and behind them - white cumulus cloud shapes. Old shaggy spruce, under the weight of snow dropping down their dark green branches, were in tension when the slightest breeze is enough to bring them out of dormancy.

Sometimes it happened that at the top bitch broke a small lump of snow. With falling snow rubs his other such knots, and then the whole tree suddenly came to life. Large sprawling branches cast off the white hoods, immediately straightens up and starts to swing, showering the entire tree from top to bottom snow dust, playing in the sun with thousands of diamond lights. In those quiet days the air is especially zvukopronitsaemym. Then there could be heard ringing clicking the frozen trees, running some kind of animal on the convicts, the quiet sound of snow falling on the ground and the rustle of finches, climbing the bark of dead wood.

Perched on the crest of a large spur, going to the river from the main array, I stopped to rest, and at that time I heard voices downstairs. Approaching the edge of the cliff. I saw Nozdrina and Zhang Bao, marching one by one on the ice of the river. Spur on which I was standing out on the cliff overhanging the river, which had a view of the ship's nose height of more than 100 meters.

Climbing the spur, I came to a small saddle and decided here again a little rest, and then go down to the river for another gully. Suddenly jumped out of the forest musk deer. Seeing me, she shied away and immediately disappeared in the young spruce. I was about to go on her trail, but this time my attention was drawn to other animals. On the trail of musk deer ran large wolverine. Its appearance was so unexpected, that I could not even take his gun from his shoulder. I knew that musk will make the circle in the snow and return to his mark and that the same group will pursue her and wolverine. However, my hopes were not realized. After waiting in vain for about twenty minutes, I decided to follow in their footsteps. According to him, I saw that the musk deer once stumbled into, and wolverine ran, albeit clumsily, but just jumps. The outcome of the flight and the chase was obvious. Soon, very soon, musk deer will have to give up.

Footprints led me back to the saddle, and then went to the branch to the river. Then I came across a very fresh track young elk. Then I gave the musk available Wolverines, and he went for the elk. He apparently sensed me and went trotting down the hill. Soon the trail led me to the river. Moose down the shingle, covered with snow, and from there moved to the island and from the island - on the other side.

I was already in the middle of the river when he heard shouts. Looking around, I saw Nozdrina and Zhang Bao, standing at the foot of the cliffs overhanging the river and makes me some signs. I realized that they call me to him. Catch up frightened moose there was no question, therefore, having thrown his gun on his shoulder, I walked at a brisk pace to his comrades.

Even from a distance I saw that they walked not in vain. In Zhang Bao and Nozdrina was gaiety; lay them at the feet of musk deer and wolverine. It seemed strange to me that I have not heard of their shots, and I asked about it Nozdrina.

- Our shoot no - he was responsible for Zhang Bao, chuckling at his mustache.

- How so? - I asked, not understanding.

- They come here, - said Nozdrin, lighting a cigarette. Finally, the responses gradually I realized what had happened.

It turned out that the musk deer, fleeing the Wolverines, accidentally hit a cliff hanging over the river, Zhang Bao hastily withdrew his gun to shoot, but then rushed about musk. She understood the risks faced, and tried to run back, but the retreat she was already cut off Wolverine. Then she began to huddle to the edge of the cliff, looking out, where would she jump. At that moment, Wolverine jumped at it. Musk deer darted forward, and the two animals, losing his balance and flew into the abyss. Musk deer killed herself, Wolverine still showed signs of life. One time she was about to get up, but immediately fell to the ice. At this time it ran Nozdrin and hit on the head with a stick has finished it finally.

Ubivshihsya animals could not be called "trophies." Both of them are given to us by chance. All three of us have seen the forest drama. I saw in the woods, as it began, and Nozdrin and Zhang Bao - how it ended. Pick up dead animals, we went home.

The western edge of the sky is already basking in the glow of the sunset over snow fields here and pinker mist and shadow mountain slopes covered with soft purple tones.

Half an hour later we were at a camp, which has already gathered all the hunters. Horns brought a wild roe. Now, we were provided with meat, at least three or four days. Musk deer in the day went to dinner, and on the Wolverines skinned for dummies.

Ten days later I decided to make one more trip to Dokdo River, which flows into Samarga the left side, 24 km from the mouth. I had intended to go to the river and from the Ukumiga through a second pass to enter the Adimi River, which flows into the sea near Cape Soufriere. This time I went with Nozdrin udeheets Dilyunga and Zhang Bao. Our camping and bivouac equipment consisted of a gun, an ax, two tents and food webs of convenience for five days.

The first half of the way we have done well and by the end of the second day reached the source of the river Dokdo, where he decided to spend the night in the forest on the edge of the marsh, covered with large clumps. Each of them was almost a meter size and had the appearance of a mushroom topped with long reeds.

When the tent was set, Zhang Bao and Nozdrin followed fir, and I Dilyunga - for grass. Going to one of the bumps, I gathered up a handful of the entire grass growing under it, raised up and said udeheytsu:

- Check out the one tussock of grass can be cut down on the bed.

- Manga! Neu oktongay De-lin, - shouted Dilyunga (ie, can not be touched marsh head).

He urged me to go to another place where there are no bumps. Dilyunga of words, I realized that the custom udeheytsev marsh tussocks taboo. They can not pull, and in particular can not be growing them in the grass plait braid. With the person to afford such a joke, surely happen any trouble.

Not wanting to disturb the rest of his guide, I went to the edge of the forest, where a lot of growing willow reed. Fifteen minutes later, we returned with him to the camp with large bundles of dry grass.

At this time came Nozdrin and said that he and Zhang Bao saw a fox, which ran across their path. Arrows threw it with an ax. She stopped for a moment and showed his teeth, and then turned back and disappeared into the grass.

When all the bivouac works were finished, we sat around the fire and began to take off your shoes. The conversation touched again fox. It turns out that the Chinese belief that the animal is given a large place. Fox, more than other animals, try to enter into communion with the man, and thereby weaken his animal nature. They succeed, and they often appear in the form of werewolves. Fox's cunning and vindictive. Person wronged them, they try to make some trouble. They do so, a person wandering around the home and can not get home during inclement weather crawl into some hole and vymazhetsya sewage, etc. According to Zhang Bao, today's meeting with the fox does not portend anything good.

Our conversation lasted for a short time. The day we are tired and so went to bed early.

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