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In the Sikhote-Alin (author VK Arseniev)

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Jerome klapka jerome / three men in a boat

     In the Sikhote-Alin (author VK Arseniev)


Bypass "nepropusk" was not so easy. We climbed up the hill, making their way through the thick undergrowth and bypassed talus; places slope leads us to climb even higher and go a long slope. Judging by the time and distance, "nepropusk" should already be behind. Now began the descent, at first steep, but then it became a position. I figured that we would soon go out to sea, but was mistaken. Through the gaps between the trees already could see the water and the sound of the surf, when suddenly out of the blue was broken again and this time quite steep. On the edge of it, we came to a ravine. This hack movement taken from us much time. The descent into the ravine was very steep and cluttered with large stones. Deep pits along the course of his camouflaged with grass, which is a real trap. The natives were moving slowly, examining the grass with his hands and, despite this, often falling and hurting. Ravine, where we went, was long. But here shrubs began to thin, and in the face blew damp and smell of the sea. A few more steps, and we all came out at once on alluvial surf.

Fresh south-easterly wind drove the waves to the shore. They were born far from where the sky converges with the ground, and walked in strict order, without encountering and overtaking each other. Wind tore off their tops white fringe and drizzle it resounded across the sea. From the side it seemed as if the wave smoke. Just against the gully of water sticking two large stone. One of them looked like a loaf of bread, the other - on a gigantic toad head facing south. Wave noise broke on them. Toad disappeared for a moment, but after that of white foam appeared again with her head in the same place. Water cascaded ran from her back, but soon it was setting another wave, followed by a third. It's been a dull race between stationary stone toad and sea water, attacking the shore.

Rock, learned from the ravine and destroyed the surf turned into gravel and formed a broad shelf. Water ran up to her with an angry hiss and immediately went into the sand, leaving a narrow strip of foam, but the next wave is picked up and threw her into the shallows on the former.

One hundred and fifty paces from the rocks on the coast pebbles at the water's edge lay some big dark mass. From shock waves, she shuddered and swayed. Sometimes she rose up slightly, but each time a wave retreated, it slipped again to the sea. It was a bit heavy, bulky, soft. As soon as we went out of the ravine, with her shot several birds, among which were the crows. Sure, it was a sea animal, cast ashore. We immediately went to him. Both native led the way, and I'm a little behind. Suddenly they stopped, peered into the dark mass, and then rushed back. Their faces was written by fear. Not knowing what it was, I also stopped and prepared his gun, but make sure that the animal is dead, walked up to him. It was a whale - the most ferocious of sea monsters, horror at all the animals and fish. Even the shark away and flees in fear thrown into the shallows.

I walked around the dead animal. Large fusiform her body was covered with dark skin, which in many places barnacles attach the sink. It had a length of about six feet and ended with tail fins, as any cetacean. Her belly was off-white, two small side fins were not far from the head, and on the back, in addition, has issued a huge triangular fin. Small head, but huge jaws armed with numerous sharp teeth, small eyes with light spots behind them, which was frozen expression of cruelty and malice, gave it a really terrible and repulsive appearance. Apparently, the killer whale have died long ago, the carcass began to decompose and published the stench.

At this time I heard the screams. I looked back at the entrance to the ravine saw natives make me some signs. When I approached them, they were anxious to talk about the fact that the dead animal is "Temu" - a formidable host of the seas, and therefore it is necessary as soon as possible to go from here. A man who allows himself to approach Temu, and even touch it, certainly suffer terrible misfortune ... I began to say that whale is dead and therefore completely harmless, but they said to me that Temu could pretend dead on shore leave its outer shell, developing in terrestrial animals and even inanimate objects. They would not want to go on the sea shore and again chose to climb the mountain. In vain I gave them all sorts of reasons, they remained adamant.

Then I arranged that I would be waiting for them around the second headland. We broke up the natives went back to the ravine, and I on alluvial surf. As was to be expected, to the specified cape before I came to a couple of hours.

From sunset zasvezhel wind, the sky was covered with clouds and the sea is even more excited. Could see through the darkness of the white crests of the waves, slightly phosphorescent. They rushed with a deafening roar on the shore. All night tossing sea, the night rattled coastal shingle and in the roar of it was something inexorable, eternal.

Early in the morning one of the shooters went to hunt for seals. Returning, he said that at night the storm blew over a dead killer whale in the sea. I did not attach any significance to him, but found it Orochi quite natural: Temu returned, took its usual form and returned to his native element.

In the afternoon the wind began to die down, and the sea was calm, and instead waves with sharp crests appeared swell. Shortly before dusk we went to collect firewood. Suddenly one udeheets shouted something. I turned and saw off the coast of a large black fin cutting the water quickly. It was a whale-gladiator. She twice went back and forth, then stopped and got us head so that it became a fin-like stick. Whale then fell into the depths, then popped up again to the surface, sometimes it is quite close to the shore and suddenly rushed back, uttering strange sounds like overweight sighs or muffled bellowing.

When the west faded glow of sunset and night darkness enveloped the earth, udeheytsy rite. They extinguish the fire. One of them covered his head with a towel and holding a wood saw, cast spells, and the other took a leaf tobacco, some matches, a lump of sugar and a biscuit, and all tossed into the sea, it was a sacrifice.

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