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 Cupid in the lower
 Up anyuyu
 Along the coast in boats
 On the river Samarga
 Owl fisher
 On mountain rivers
 Reverse pass through the Sikhote-Alin
 Again by the sea
 Three coffins
 Tornado near the mouth of the river Tumnin
 Snake wedding
 Hawk and Hare
 Fight eagle in the air
 Hunting for moose
 Owl nest
 Cape syurkum
 Winter hike along the river Khungari
Michail bulgakov. the heart of a dog

Mikhail bulgakov. the master and margarita

Charlotte bronte. jane eyre

F. scott fitzgerald / the great gatsby

Jerome klapka jerome / three men in a boat

     In the Sikhote-Alin (author VK Arseniev)
          Owl nest

Owl nest

In the evening, sitting by the fire, I was talking to Suntsaem. He told me that Dolinka river where we were bivouac, considered among udeheytsev unclean place, especially in the lower part of the forest with her right hand. Here, the home of the devil Boko through machinations that people often wander in the woods and can not find the way. All udeheytsy avoid this place, here nobody goes hunting and overnight stay or go or not reaching the river.

The next day was as a particularly stuffy and hot. In the west, crowded large cumulus clouds. Blindingly bright sun has passed the afternoon and poured upon the earth its hot rays. All living things were hid from the heat. Overbearing languor plunged the whole of nature in a drowsy state. Circle became quiet - no sound, and even the air became heavy and immobile.

After lunch, the arrow got into the tent and began to snore. I also went to the shade of a tree and tried to sleep, but could not: that there was a mosquito and sang its monotonous ringing song, ant climbed on the face and quite painful pinched my cheek. I was about to do the calculation of astronomical coordinates, but languor prevented concentrate. I got up, shook off the apathy and with a gun in his hand went up Dolinka, bordered on both sides by low hills covered with coniferous and mixed forest. Them could see the other mountains, and ahead in the misty darkness loomed a large ridge, crowned Goltz.

A little on the bank of the river, I turned to the forest where reigned a great silence and peace. Just petrified trees, and it seemed as if the leaves on them for a long time stood still and no longer to move. It was a little cooler because the sun's rays could not penetrate the green canopy of trees, tangled above its branches. There was a smell of damp, decaying plant residues, soil fertility damp earth. It was an old and dense forest full of gloom and mysterious silence that the ear can hear the subtle sounds that are born in the soul of man melancholy loneliness and irrational fear.

Undergrowth consisted of rare shrubs, mostly from the hips, birch Middendorf and Sorbara. Here and there were seen peonies and large thicket of coarse sedges and ferns. Almost all of the trees were stocky and squat form. Exposed root them like giant paws of some monsters that lurk in the ground, mingled with one another as if in order to firmly hold on to the rocks.

Most of the old trees were hollow, with the shadow side densely covered with moss mixed with lichen. Some forest giants that dwell in the dust, turned into junk. On rotting bodies they found shelter other plants. Only dead branches giants woven from more dense material than conventional wood, still continued to resist Vsesokrushayuschaya time and deliberately, like wedges driven into the barrel sticking out in all directions from a rotten fallen trees.

Trunks of dead trees, devoid of small twigs, with painful nodules on both sides were similar to those with swollen bellies, and with their long arms up on people, frozen in poses expressions strong physical suffering, as in the paintings of Gustav Dore - where portrayed torment of sinners in Hell.

I abandoned himself to the surrounding environment, and I walked through the woods at random. One time I almost stepped on a poisonous snake. She crept around my feet and quickly hid under a large stump. A little further I saw the black poplar black crow. She was cleaning the nose of a branch and often croaking, looking down at the ground. Frightened, my approach, the crow flew into the forest, and followed her from the ground up two more crows.

Moving closer, I saw a completely decomposed body is not the red wolf, not the big red dog. A strong stench led me to quickly step aside. A little further, I found a completely fresh tracks of a large bear. The beast was there recently. He turned the two Kolodin and was looking for something under them, then dug a deep hole and for some reason with the bark of a nearby tree broke.

Another hour and a half I was in the forest, and finally felt tired. I sat on the tree lying on the ground, and leaning to him a gun, took a hat and wiped his sweating face with a handkerchief. At that moment, on the other side stood a large elm tree in front of me, I noticed something moving, something flashed in the dark and immediately hid behind a tree. I peered into the woods, but did not notice anything. Then I put the handkerchief into his pocket, and sat back to continue his observations. I knew to be patient and not to move. After a few minutes again something flashed before my eyes. I doubled the attention and soon saw the same tree, but above a small animal, sitting on a branch near the trunk. I recognized him as sable. My stillness seems very confused him. For a long time he looked at me, but in the end could not resist, rose to feet, stood for a moment, and then quietly moved along the bitch, growing just towards me. At the end of a branch sable stopped. With her, I could position it well to consider. Now it was not as fluffy as in the winter, and utterly like his brother - a ferret, only it was not the color of brown, like the last one, and completely black. Under the muzzle on his throat had light, it seemed to me, an orange-yellow spot. In expressive black eyes sable I read focus and a particularly angry expression. Dear predator lowered head down and began to sniff the air vigorously. I saw how he makes a face and moved his nose. Reconnaissance seems to calm him down, because he turned around and went back to the branch, then down a little on the trunk to the next bitch and there escaped through a small hole in a hollow tree.

Two minutes later sable again looked out and making sure that everything is all right circle, gave a sound that is not to peep, not to hiss, and then there was a hollow in the hole a few small heads such as black as their mother . They were young sobolyata. They all crowded around the mouth, gets up to half of it and then hid back. How many animals lived in the hollow, I can not say, because they were all the same color and are in close to each other. Then the queen came down from the tree to the ground, and the young sobolyata again hiding in the nest. After waiting a few minutes, I got up and went to the hollow of a tree in order to look into it. The tree was a thick, deep and hollow, besides I do not want to ruin the Sable nest. Without me they have a lot of enemies. I thrust his rifle on his shoulder and took a straight line to the bivouac. Meanwhile the sun across the sky was a large part of the way, and already prepared to hide behind the clouds, which are made of white and phosphorescent darken the edges. Heavy evaporation still lay over the land, absorbing all the sounds themselves, and this became unbearably stuffy. I stopped frequently to gain a deep breath, but felt deep breaths do not bring relief.

Ahead was a big squat poplar. Instinctively I went up to him and saw a large toad on the ground. She was lifting up its ugly head, and closed alternately one or the other eye. The lower part of her throat just below the muzzle was in frequent and continuous motion. Evident stuffiness and acted on it. Toad crawled out of his hole well before sunset and hard breathing. Suddenly an incredible noise came very close to me, and then after I got a severe blow to the head. I was scared, as if someone had suddenly, from the corner shouted in my ear. The first thought that flashed through my mind was - a bear. I jumped to the side, and immediately prepared for defense. At this time, I heard some strange sounds like coughing and ringing snap. Looking at the poplar, I saw him looking out of fright: Kurguzov, disheveled, with big yellow eyes and a white beak. It is truly the monster can scare anyone, especially one who sees it for the first time. I did not move, and the monster was quiet and took his usual form. It was a female owl. In the hollow of poplar was her nest. Egg has hatched chicks. They were moving and constantly opened their yellow mouths. Now everything is cleared up. When I came very close, frightened bird, protecting their young, struck me with his wing.

This sudden shock and scared at the same time annoyed me, but I pulled myself together. Blame owl? He is perhaps more afraid of me. Sense of motherhood led him not to shameful flight from the strongest in comparison, the enemy, and for defense and self-sacrifice. I calmed down and took a step to the left to get a better look young. Hearing the noise, owl again bristled, disbanded their wings, ducked his head to the feet, and by publishing the same puffing again, twice loudly snapped his beak. Not wanting to embarrass the bird, I went on his way, taking the former direction right at camp. I must have lost his way and fell into the depths of the forest. The place was surprisingly wild. Sticking out of the ground everywhere long stones in irregular columns, like tombstones in the cemetery, and around them grew mangled trees, devoid of branches. I could see a little bit away sloping trunk with only one branch, lift up. From a distance it looked like an old man, leaning forward and zanesshego hand as if to strike. Then I noticed some construction. I was very happy and went to her brisk pace. It was waiting for me a complete disappointment. The house was strangely shaped rock in the form of the house, but without the windows and roof. Around it was a lot of stones piled up in a mess.

Then I understood why it is considered the natives place the abode of evil spirits.

But time passed, and I had to go back to camp. Looking around, I went, it seemed to me, to the sea, but on the way met a swamp forest, littered convicts. To get around it, I took a little bit to the right. About ten minutes later I saw a tree that looked familiar. It was an elm with a brood of sable.

Well, thank God - I thought - here I must find my way - and turned to the east of ninety degrees. Great was my surprise when, twenty minutes later, I went to move large blocks of stone, which was adopted at the beginning of the house.

Took my annoyance. I was angry, and went back to the sable tree, but the elm that I have not found. A strong stench gave me to know I got to the place where the earth was strewn with dead animal, I once again changed direction and tried to go closer perhaps to the east. This time I went to visit the owl, and then again to the stone block with bulk.

Then it dawned on me that I circled on the spot. Suntsay, I thought, probably would have decided that this is the devil Boko builds his wiles and deliberately knocks me off the road. I looked at the sky. The sun had just disappeared into the clouds, which, like a theater curtain, suddenly rose to the zenith and filled most of the sky. The last rays broke through the ragged clouds slid down the mountain slopes, covered timber for a moment and went out completely. Cloud darkened grew in breadth and seized the whole sky. In the clouds kept the lightning flashed, and the muffled thunder grumbled. One soon became dark and cool.

In the forest, heard disturbing roll of small birds, then suddenly silenced voices of birds, and all living things and hid lurking. In motion clouds, slow and fast for the sky to the earth, there was something ominous and inexorable. The front edge of it was lighter than other clouds, much like the foamy crest of a giant wave, kativsheysya across the sky. Clouds collided and merged, then parted, and the emerging new, constantly changing its shape.

At this time, the air stirred the hitherto motionless. Suddenly the wind came, frightened trees rustled. It became even darker. A few large drops fell heavily to the ground. I realized that I can not escape the rain and stopped for a moment to look around. Suddenly the whole forest erupted bluish flame. Strong thunder shook the air, and earth, and after that poured rain.

A bird struggling in the air. She apparently tried to hide in the woods, but it applies in the wind direction. In that flash I saw the stone it fell to the ground.

On the palate it was terrible to watch. Clouds covered some irresistible force, quickly rushed to the east, spewing out of the depths of their fire and water.

For blinding lightning followed violent thunder from which heaven and earth trembled. Wind raged furiously, breaking branches and tearing the leaves from the trees.

At each flash of lightning I saw the clouds in the sky, each tree individually, seen both near and distant objects and the horizon, which also kept the lightning flashed, and the mountains were like a cloud, and the cloud-like mountains. Streams of water falling from the sky, illuminated by flashes of atmospheric electricity blednogolubymi seemed fixed glass fibers, connects heaven and earth.

Suddenly extremely bright lightning dazzled my eyes, and immediately, almost simultaneously with it there was such a sudden and violent thunder that tingled in my ears, and I seemed to lose consciousness. Rain fell harder. A minute later I woke up. My sight was restored gradually, but in my ears tingle and feel a headache. I scrambled to the ground and went at random, not knowing where. Bichuyuschy cold downpour soaked through my clothes. With a flash of lightning unfolded fleeing in all directions, the distance, and after that came the absolute darkness. It seemed that the power that expanded the horizon for a moment, as quickly and narrows it, enveloping everything in impenetrable darkness and cold. Mighty thunder and the rain absorbed all other sounds in the world.

For about an hour I wandered through the taiga, looking for the road when a flash of lightning, and bumping into the convicts in the grass. Finally, the rain began to subside, thunder do not so deafening, it became more difficult to go. At this time in my ears heard the noise of the surf. I added a step, and passing through the brush willow, went to Meyrueis.

Soon the rain stopped completely, but the sky was still lightning flashed and thunder rumbled in the sky, then over his head, somewhere in the distance. Storm went east. When the western edge of the sky cleared, I could see that the sun had just set behind the horizon. Now there glowed crimson sunset, painted in purple big cumulus clouds, rain washed the hills, away trees in the forest, from which the wind had not yet shaken off the diamond drops of water. In this light the eastern sky, covered with heavy clouds, it would seem more gloomy, if it had not brightened magnificent rainbow. Storm now raging somewhere in northern Japan and the island of Sakhalin.

Out on the reclaimed strip of surf, I turned to the bivouac. To my left was the sea, painted in nezhnofioletovye tone and the right - the dark forest. Pinnacled firs toothed comb sharply silhouetted against the dawn, in bearing a gold and purple. With the roar of the incoming wave to shore, throwing foam over the rocks. The picture was amazingly beautiful. Despite the fact that I am all vymok and extremely tired, I sat down on the fin and began to admire nature. I wanted to capture what is seen in his mind for a lifetime.

Half an hour later I came to the camp. My companions were also in a good mood. They built a large fire and dried near that gets wet from the rain.

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