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In the Sikhote-Alin (author VK Arseniev)

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 Cupid in the lower
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 Along the coast in boats
 On the river Samarga
 Owl fisher
 On mountain rivers
 Reverse pass through the Sikhote-Alin
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 Three coffins
 Tornado near the mouth of the river Tumnin
 Snake wedding
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F. scott fitzgerald / the great gatsby

Jerome klapka jerome / three men in a boat

     In the Sikhote-Alin (author VK Arseniev)
          Owl fisher


Sitting in fanze Kiveta was especially painful for the shooters and the Cossacks. They came up with all sorts of ways to have fun and often went hunting. The most successful of these was Nozdrin. He left it alone for a day and returned to the Board in the dark.

Once he got up well before dawn. In a dream, I heard he was going and charged gun. Then I went back to sleep and woke up when it was already quite light. Opening my eyes, I saw Nozdrina. He was angry that got up early, went for nothing, hungry and ripped shoes, which now had to be mending. For morning tea, he said among other things that scared with duct owl, which, he said, was in the water.

This day was somehow boring all blog entries have been made, shooting plotted, birds and small animals are dissected. In short, everything was in order, and I had to collect the new materials. The whole day we spent in fanze and lay down to sleep in the early evening. Once it so happened that I woke up at night and never could sleep. Tossed from side to side until dawn, I decided to get dressed up and go on a reconnaissance in the hope to hunt for mergansers and the way to see how the river freezes.

When I left the house, a little glimmer. Obscure light of morning twilight fought with the night still prevailed over the land. From the house were several trails. I randomly went to one of them. She soon split into two and then into three separate track. I took the one that was going to the river, the other two went to the mountains. Duct, at first broad, quickly began to taper. At one point, two pebbly shallows came quite close to each other, only a narrow strip of shallow water separated them together. On the edge of one of them was a dark object. I thought he moved. I stopped to examine it better, but at this time, a dark object suddenly rose into the air and flew off into the woods. I remembered that last night Nozdrin talked about what he had seen an owl in the water. What could he do here? I came down and went directly to the pebbles.

Years of wandering in the forest, and the lessons taught me to understand the natives in the following. The water in the channel was clean pebbles in several places stained feces feathered predator, and the fresh powder on the ice - a couple of dozen of old and new tracks large bird claws. So, owl flew here often. And as I saw it Nozdrin at dawn, then it must be assumed that in the future it will be possible to catch this at the same time. I decided to do the supervision and again to come here, but early. So I did. The next day I got up when it was still dark, dressed, and trying not to make noise, came out of the hut, quietly closing the door behind him.

Not yet begun to dawn. High in the sky almost at the zenith moon was facing last quarter of the east. It was such a silvered and had a triumphant look as if the sun was smiling, which she could see from on high, and that for the inhabitants of the land is still hidden behind the horizon.

Aside from a month over the hills, the outlines of which in the darkness just were visible, bright shine Jupiter. On the part of the north-west pulled cold, sharp wind. He first cut my face, but then it weathered: the unpleasant feeling quickly disappeared, and was replaced was an exhilarating feeling.

I went on the old trail first quick step, and then more and more quietly. I did not want to shoo the owl. But all my precautions were unnecessary. The bayou was empty. Then I went down to the gravel and hid behind the convicts caused large water here. Is it because I looked around and my eyes adjusted to the darkness, or because, in fact, first light, I could see everything that is done near the water, I clearly distinguished pebble tracks in the snow owl and even a stick, frozen in the ice, on the other side of the duct.

I thought I had made a mistake came here but decided to clear his conscience pokaraulit another twenty minutes. Suddenly I saw that, for the sake of which took a morning tour. Large owl suddenly appeared and not on the side where I was waiting for him. He went down to the edge of one of the shallows and looked around, then leaned forward and squaring each wing at a time, put them on the sides of his body. Then he jumped up and went into the canal, and stood against the tide. Then he lowered the two wings in the water and gave way under her tail, forming, so the entire width of the dam groove between two shoals. In this posture the owl remained for some time motionless and stared into the water. Suddenly he quickly pecked and pulled out a small fish, which he swallowed, then pecked second, third, and so on. He probably caught about a dozen small fish. Satisfied prey, owl out of the water, and much vstryahnuvshis became beak to touch the feathers in the tail. He did not notice me and kept calm. Nocturnal feathered predator had already planned to get into the water again, but this time from the forest suddenly popped ferret. Like a madman, he rushed headlong through the pebble beach and jumped over a narrow strip of water. Frightened owl rose in the air and flew along the ducts. I saw it on the fly then shaken one, another wing and after that disappeared around the bend.

Was daylight. In the east, the horizon was colored in purple, rose up from him the purple glow from which pinker snow on the high mountains and in the valleys of dense forest still dreaming predawn sleep. Month even more pale, darkness quickly went to the West ...

Now more here there was nothing, and I went home. As I approached the fanze Kiveta of the forest came two udeheytsa Dilyunga and Venza, and we went into the house. I began to tell his companions of what he had seen, and thought that tell them something new and original, but udeheytsy told me that the owl is always so fishing. Sometimes he sits so long in the water, its tail and wings tightly freezes into ice, then owl dies.

Udeheytsy, searching of the place he flies for fishing, frozen into the ice column with perekladinkoy, which strengthens the hair trap or just a loop. Unsuspecting owl, arriving at the place of hunting, prefers to sit on perekladinku than on smooth ice, and trapped.

All Amur natives believe owl meat is delicious and with a passion for hunting them.

The last days we somehow malnourished. Morning empty cereal, noon tea biscuit, cereal evening again. Arrows stoskovalis over the meat. Therefore, noting some tracks in the snow, we all got up early on purpose to go hunting.

When necessary bivouac work was completed, five people went to look for the beast.

Glegola horns and went to the other side of the river, Zhang Bao and Nozdrin - Samarga up, and I was right from a camp on a hill climb on a small key, littered with convicts.

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