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Kinds of tourism

Kinds of tourism
 The evolution of tourism. Classification of tourism
Religious tourism
 Definition and form of religious tourism
 Pilgrimage tourism
 Types and characteristics of pilgrimage
 Religious tourism excursion-cognitive orientation
 Industry of religious tourism
 Structure of religion
 Typology of modern religions
Religious tourism in Christianity
 Fundamentals of the doctrine of Christianity
 Orthodox Church
 Orthodox pilgrimage
 The most famous monasteries of the Russian Orthodox Church in Russia and in the Ukraine
 Foreign Orthodox centres, the monasteries and churches of the Russian Orthodox Church
 Christian Shrine and the Holy land
 The program of the pilgrimage tour in Israel, 8 days/7 nights
Religious tourism in Islam
 History and the basis of religious doctrine of Islam
 The tenets of Islam
 The territory of the spread of Islam
Excursion (author BV Emelyanov)


1. Fundamentals Excursion

2. guided technique

3. Professional skills guide

Tunisia (author Danielle shetar Friedrich chum)

In the Sikhote-Alin (author VK Arseniev)

Michail bulgakov. the heart of a dog

Mikhail bulgakov. the master and margarita

Charlotte bronte. jane eyre

F. scott fitzgerald / the great gatsby

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     Kinds of tourism

Religious tourism in Christianity

Christianity is the most numerous in the number of adherents of the religion in the world, with nearly 2 billion people-almost every third inhabitant of the Earth is a Christian). Christianity includes two main lines: the Orthodox Church (the Eastern Church) and the Catholic Church (Church of the West). Many scientists identify as directions of Christianity more and Protestantism, Monophysitism and Nestorianism, as well as numerous religious trends, movements and denominations. In fact Protestantism is the only area of the Western Church, i.e., separated from the Catholic Church. Monophysitism and Nestorianism represent a heresy condemned both Eastern and Western Church. The specifics of Christian pilgrims in many respects determine the peculiarities of the religious consciousness of the believers.

As the main motives for pilgrimage should be made of the following:

- the desire to pray and touch the miracle-working icon, the incorrupt relics;

- confess cult center or religious centre or the famous religious leader;

- to fulfill God's work;

- to make a donation;

- find grace;

- recover from illness;

- to fulfill a vow.

Features of pilgrimage in Christianity may vary in different directions, sects and denominations. The nature of these visits, their intensity also depend on the peculiarities of economic and political situation in this or that country, the level of material well-being of the citizens, their social and professional status. Directly or indirectly to the features of the trips religious tourists affects the geographical position and climate in field trips.

Christianity is the second time after the occurrence of Buddhism world religion with a rich cultural and spiritual heritage. In many countries of the world there are numerous Christian relics and monuments, cultural values are presented in the museums of the majority of large cities.

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