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Kinds of tourism

Excursion (author BV Emelyanov)


1. Fundamentals Excursion

2. guided technique

3. Professional skills guide

Tunisia (author Danielle shetar Friedrich chum)

 Beaches, markets, ancient
 Geographical position and landscape
 Climate and seasonal tourism
 Population and Religion
 Folk Customs
 The economy and the world
 Polity, policy and management
 Protecting the environment by Tunisian
 Historical review
 Culture Yesterday and Today
 Muslim style
 Defenses Berbers
 Music, art, literature
 Events and Ceremonies
 Food and drink
 Leisure activities
 Tunis - Paris North Africa
 City Tour
 Walking through the city
 Walking through the city
 Practical advice
 Nabeul and Hammamet
 Practical advice
 Practical advice
 Thalassotherapy in Hammamet
 Cyc-metropolis of the Sahel
 City Tour
 Practical advice
 Port El Kantaoui-synthetic medicine
 City Tour
 Practical advice
 City Tour
 Practical advice
 Acquisition carpets
 Jerid Oases
 Walk on Tozer
 Economy oasis
 Practical advice
 Oasis thousand domes: Oil
 Practical advice
 Route 1
 Route 2
 Lake ishkel
 Route 3
 Route 4
 Route 5
 Route 6
 Route 7
 Route 8
 Route 9
 Route 10
 Route 11
 Route 12
 Route 13
 Practical advice
 For women traveling alone
 Car rental
 Beaches and pools
In the Sikhote-Alin (author VK Arseniev)

Michail bulgakov. the heart of a dog

Mikhail bulgakov. the master and margarita

Charlotte bronte. jane eyre

F. scott fitzgerald / the great gatsby

Jerome klapka jerome / three men in a boat

     Tunisia (author Danielle shetar Friedrich chum)


The most popular souvenirs are considered ceramics (selling centers - Nabeul and the island of Djerba) and carpets (center sale - Kairouan, although there is a good selection of rugs at Tunis and Djerba). In the markets of Hammamet, Sousse and Houmt Bitch product often offer higher prices. Beautiful Berber silver jewelry can be found in the markets Tozer, Duza and Tataouine. In the north, many places offer jewelry made of coral, unfortunately not always genuine. In addition you can buy jeans known firms, shirts, leather bags, jackets, coats, shoes, meet international standards, at reasonable prices. Especially good are the product of onyx. Be sure to buy a souvenir - "Rose of the Sahara." Haggle! You are in Africa. And if the dealer will call the price of, say, 100 dinars, which means that somewhere in the 20-30 dinars you will do. The list of gifts can be completed with henna, and saffron.


Luazh hits the road, when dialed enough passengers intending to get to a certain point. Parking luazh usually located near a market. If you have the patience, then luazh you can reach the most remote mountain villages, where not to go (or go very rare) buses.

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