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Excursion (author BV Emelyanov)


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Tunisia (author Danielle shetar Friedrich chum)

 Beaches, markets, ancient
 Geographical position and landscape
 Climate and seasonal tourism
 Population and Religion
 Folk Customs
 The economy and the world
 Polity, policy and management
 Protecting the environment by Tunisian
 Historical review
 Culture Yesterday and Today
 Muslim style
 Defenses Berbers
 Music, art, literature
 Events and Ceremonies
 Food and drink
 Leisure activities
 Tunis - Paris North Africa
 City Tour
 Walking through the city
 Walking through the city
 Practical advice
 Nabeul and Hammamet
 Practical advice
 Practical advice
 Thalassotherapy in Hammamet
 Cyc-metropolis of the Sahel
 City Tour
 Practical advice
 Port El Kantaoui-synthetic medicine
 City Tour
 Practical advice
 City Tour
 Practical advice
 Acquisition carpets
 Jerid Oases
 Walk on Tozer
 Economy oasis
 Practical advice
 Oasis thousand domes: Oil
 Practical advice
 Route 1
 Route 2
 Lake ishkel
 Route 3
 Route 4
 Route 5
 Route 6
 Route 7
 Route 8
 Route 9
 Route 10
 Route 11
 Route 12
 Route 13
 Practical advice
 For women traveling alone
 Car rental
 Beaches and pools
In the Sikhote-Alin (author VK Arseniev)

Michail bulgakov. the heart of a dog

Mikhail bulgakov. the master and margarita

Charlotte bronte. jane eyre

F. scott fitzgerald / the great gatsby

Jerome klapka jerome / three men in a boat

     Tunisia (author Danielle shetar Friedrich chum)
          Lake ishkel

lake Ishkel

Lake Ishkel (la Ichkeul), 107 km, is a natural reserve, where they found the last refuge of the Tunisian water buffalo. Marshy shores of Lake conservation area are home to countless species of birds. Fall and spring rest here flocks of migratory birds on their long journey from Europe to Africa, and some prefer to spend the winter here. Among the animals that can be found in these virgin thickets are also vultures, eagles, storks, and various species of frogs. Marsh vegetation is especially good in the spring, the area is difficult to pass, so it is best for the tour guide from the office to invite ONTT in Bizerte.

To Cape Serrat (Cap Serrat), 169 km, can be reached from Highway P51 on a gravel path, which is through the thicket of eucalyptus and oleander leads to the lighthouse. Bay surrounded by mountains and attracts a picnic with a refreshing swim in the clear as glass sea. All along the way can be found except by chance to be here a couple of fishermen.

Ends with a return trip to Tunisia **, 317 miles, through the village Mater (Mateur), 242 km.

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