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     Tunisia (author Danielle shetar Friedrich chum)
          Oasis thousand domes: Oil

Oasis thousand domes: Oil

30 km from Tozer towards the Algerian border is an oasis of oil, which is located in the quite typical oasis Jerid place - on the side of the basin. In the center of the basin hit artesian springs, and, as elsewhere in the desert, the precious moisture turns into a blossoming area Garden of Eden. The main attraction of oil - basket (pofr. - Corbeil) - a natural cavity in the rock, where it grows a lot of palm trees.

The second feature of the oil - the tombs of saints, marabouts domes that rise above the flat-roofed houses. Oasis is the religious center of the influential Sufi brotherhoods and the second holiest city of Tunis. The concentration of so many holy fathers explained the location of the border of the oasis. To nomads and farmers oases could make barter, it was necessary to live in peace in the oasis and the agreement that would guarantee the safety of visitors to the market. In pre-Islamic times this agreement guaranteed the sacred groves and the stones, and after the Islamization - the tombs of saints miracle. By the way, in the oasis of Douz with similar geographic border location is also in a large number of marabouts.

Bureau of ONTT, by reviving the market square on Thursdays, you can climb on the western slope. The left is El Bajada (El - Bayada), the oldest part of the oil on the houses and mosques which - traces of the devastation caused heavy downpour in 1990 above the basins towering figure of several modern hotels.

The hotel Sahara Palace offers a fantastic view of the city and palm plantations oasis. Certainly need to get some rest on the terrace. Also worth visiting is the famous cafe "Corbeil (Cafe de la Cor beille), despite his bothersome besieging merchants and self-appointed guides.

Slightly below the hotel is a road that leads to the shade of green palm gardens. Walk along it will give an opportunity to relax, if only able to protect against boastful guides chasing visitors with endless perseverance. It is best to hire someone who knows how to effectively retain their "colleagues" in the distance.

If you have not been to Tozeur, it is now possible to make a survey of the oasis in a wheelchair or on a camel. The main object of the inspection is the marabout Sidi Bou Ali, a native of St. Morocco, which put him in first Oil date palms. Celebration in honor of the saint is celebrated on the third day of the pilgrimage after the Eid el-Kebir.

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