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Jerome klapka jerome / three men in a boat

     Tunisia (author Danielle shetar Friedrich chum)


Huge crock before the railway station encounters came in Nabeul - the city of potters, whose products are extremely diverse: white, blue, green, yellow, vases and dishes of couscous put up houses and stone fences in the windows of souvenir shops. Fantastic tiles adorned the walls of houses, and in some places, and sidewalks. Nabeul (Nabeul; 40,000 inh.) Is the center of the ceramic industry of Tunisia.

In the small Archaeological Museum (Musee Archeohgique) opposite the station exhibited findings of Neapolis - the predecessor of Nabeul. The representation of the collection is certainly worthy of attention and can not fail to interest in archeology from its visitors.

(Opening hours: Tue-Sun 9.00-12.00, 15.00-18.30, 14.00-17.30 in the winter).

Nabeul - the main city governorates (district) of Cap Bon (Cap Bon). The city wide straight streets and modern buildings, and just around the Grand Mosque in several covered streets form a lovely little bitches. Here you can buy cloth slippers or hardware. Butchers hang sheep or a cow's head, so that consumers know what meat is commercially available today. Fruit and vegetable vendors are building enormous pyramids of oranges and lemons. Around this idyllic corner of the ring located souvenir shops with pottery figurines of camels and many different sizes and colors.

Marked on the map:

1. Archaeological Museum

2. Grand Mosque

3. Camel Market

4. Neapolis

Dromedaries - the main attraction of Nabeul. On Fridays, visitors can visit the camel market, where for the amusement of foreigners are always a few animals roam the plains and where Grombalia and Cape Bon peasants come with their goods. On Friday, in the early morning town flooded real flood of fruits and vegetables, plastic buckets, enamelware and cheap clothes. By midday trading normally ends.

Neapolis excavations conducted in the country, close to the road leading to Hammamet. One has only to visit them very interested in archeology as a fenced area can not find anything except a few old foundations.

In the suburb of Dar Shaaban Nabeul (Dar Chaabane), 2 km from Neapolis, can be seen employed in the business of stone carvers.

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