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Tunisia (author Danielle shetar Friedrich chum)

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 Geographical position and landscape
 Climate and seasonal tourism
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 Walking through the city
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Charlotte bronte. jane eyre

F. scott fitzgerald / the great gatsby

Jerome klapka jerome / three men in a boat

     Tunisia (author Danielle shetar Friedrich chum)
          Route 11

Route 11

Great Eastern Erg

Tataouine - Chenin * - * Ksar Gilan along the pipeline route, Beni Keddash - Medenine * - * Tataouine (257 km)

Despite the small length of the route, to travel on it should only Land Rover or a car adapted to move through the desert, as the last third of the road there is a danger of sinking into the sand. On the route to stock up on fuel nowhere. However, fans traveling across the Sahara can enjoy views of this desert. Until Ksar Gilan can be reached in 3-4 hours and another 4 hours - up to Medenine.

Traveling by car

With the exception of Route 11, in the proposed guide describes only short sections of the route, traveling to you can seek the services of hired vehicles. Traveler must follow the rules set out below:

1. The car must be absolutely reliable. If you hire a car, you need to pay special attention to the condition of the tires and brakes it corresponds to pi normal oil level and securely operate the fuel level indicator. Need to get a spare tire and materials to fill the hoses, and have some experience with makeshift repairs.

2. Supplies of water and fuel must be so great to be able to hold out until help arrives at least a few days.

3. If possible, never travel on the same car. Those who have the experience of longer trips across the Sahara, travel on smaller scales Tunisian Sahara should not be misleading. Esliavtomobil gets into an accident, then the passengers will be immaterial whether the source is using a 100 km or 1000 km. On route 11 can go only by well-trained and experienced drivers to drive through the desert, in the framework of an organized tour in the desert should use the services of professional drivers.

Ring tour begins in Tataouine, and the traveler primarily falls into ** Chenin, 18 km. Slightly below the village near the source starts a dirt road, which in its first section can be considered quite acceptable for a ride. Later, following the bed of Ueda, it heads west into the mountains. Further, about 6 km, separates the left is another road leading towards Ksar Gilan.

Scenic views of the surrounding green islands give small fields that the farmers are treated in any corner sheltered from the heat. Processing techniques of these fields ("Jessore") you can appreciate even better than in the highlands of Matmata. Indeed, dams in the fields do not allow showers to wash off the fertile soil, and on the other hand, the precious water is passed through a special hole in the field, are below. Many of the fields are so small that they can fit into one palm tree and one olive tree.

Gradually the vegetation becomes more and more scarce. On the surface of the road, going strictly to the north-west, there are the first sand bars. Dunes begin to form at the slightest obstacle, withered bushes - these are the last remnants of vegetation.

At the 55th kilometer, among bleak desert landscape, the route crosses the straight as an arrow extending to the north "of the desert freeway." The route runs along the oil pipeline connecting the field of oil and gas production from the south of Tunisia staging port Skiri (Skira), located north of Gabes. On the other side of the junction are visible spurs Great Eastern Erg and the obelisk, erected (12 km from the intersection of the "Highway of the Desert") in the memory of the heroic march of the French General Leclerc. The march of 2,000 km was made general of the distant Chad in Tunisia, where the cabinet in 1943, hit the rear of the Italian and German troops. In the distance you can see the dark green oasis Ksar * Gilan (Ksar Ghilane), 85 km. Oasis is a village of a few houses with flat roofs, common to all the inhabitants of the garden oval green which stands out against the sand, and several campsites in which the height of tourist season in broken sleep for them Bedouin tents.

The name "Ksar" oasis must fortress, built by the French in the sands. At a distance of several kilometers from the oasis, it is like a mirage floating over golden yellow sand Erg. Reach it is on foot or riding a camel (the need to stock up toed shoes). The castle awaits tourists curious surprise at the entrance carved architrave Latin dedication to Jupiter. Apparently, the French put Ksar Gilan on the foundation once existed here a Roman structure.

Anyone who bothers to get up early to be rewarded fantastic picture of sunrise over the desert. And now back to the intersection with a line running along the pipeline, 100 km. If you go through it to the north, on the left you will see the well Bir Soltane (Bir-Soltan), and soon after it - zeribu, straw hut in which his master alone contains a restaurant for tourists. Further, after the fork, the road goes back to the northeast in the direction of the mountain chain Dahar.

Another 30 km after the junction you go right towards the village of Beni Keddash (Beni-Keddache), 167 km, and then moving on the highway, and admiring the magnificent scenery, come to Medenine, 202 km, and then in Tataouine, 257 km.

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