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Tunisia (author Danielle shetar Friedrich chum)

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 Geographical position and landscape
 Climate and seasonal tourism
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 Walking through the city
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Jerome klapka jerome / three men in a boat

     Tunisia (author Danielle shetar Friedrich chum)
          Route 7

Route 7

At Cape Africa

Sousse ** - ** Mahdia - ** El Jem - ** Sousse (178km)

This route to get to Mahdia town, known in the past as a pirate nest, as well as to the monumental amphitheater in ElDzheme. You can drive along the route in one day, benefiting from the public transport.

From Sousse (p. 38) goes to the road at the Monastir (p. 41), the suburbs of which almost imperceptibly into a continuous chain of poor villages. The entire economy of the area is based on the processing of olives. Whichever way you turn opinion on roadsides everywhere are oily black olives and waste maslodavilnogo production which in the past were in the processing of the soap or fed to livestock. In Ksar Hellale (Ksar Hellal) main square gigantic proportions like that here in 1934, founded a la New Destour party.

About 50 km after it starts the next Monastir Beach Area - Mahdia-Nord (Mahdra - Nord).

** Mahdia (Mahdia; 28,000 inhab.), 73 km, the most important fishing port of Tunis. That part of the vibrant capital of the province, which is of interest to tourists, behind the very impressive Dark Gate (Skif El Kala), through which the only way out of the New Town to the Old.

Cape Africa is Phoenicians and Romans used for settlement. In X. BC Fatimids, who fought under Shiite slogans evaluated strategically convenient, the said peninsula, called them "Cape Ifriqiya" and chose it to his new capital. Narrow passage that impede access to the peninsula from the mainland, was protected by walls which protected the new residence of the Fatimid caliph named Obaid Allah who called himself the Mahdi, ie prizvannikom God. Mahdia but not long enjoyed favors new masters, and thanks to his ambition they were able to conquer the mighty Egypt, which they turned into the center of their caliphate.

Mahdia full of all sorts of troubles experienced years under the rule of the Spaniards, pirates, the Turks and the French. Fatimid residence has become a very lively little citadel, which the Ottoman Turks, having built the most powerful gate (skiff) made impregnable.

In sorokametrovoy, with many turns tunnel passing through the gate-fortress - * Skiff El Kala, - once a week to arrange city market. Every Friday Mahdia women spread out their wonderful products here - embroidery and fabric. Manufacture of silk fabrics - traditionally male, who can be seen sitting in the tiny workshops for powerful looms and showing masterpieces of gold and silver threads. Walking through the narrow lanes of the citadel, you do not just throw admiring glance at these traditional products of Tunisian artists.

In the central square on the street Rue bei d 'Allah rests on the recently restored Grand Mosque, built in 921 its monumental entrance portal could only use the Mahdi and his court.

How far forward, almost at the top of the cape, soars towards heaven Burj el-Kebir, a fortress built in the XVI century. and rebuilt several times in the XVIII century. Rising to the teeth, you can see the picturesque cemetery, stretching up to the lighthouse. In 1926, off the coast of the peninsula was raised antique merchant ship carrying Greek columns and statues. Now he's set to the Bardo Museum in Tunis (p. 32).



Rue Obeid Allah, just beyond Scythia, information materials and brochures hotels.

DB: Tunisia; metro du Sahel towards Monastir and Sousse.

Bus: Sousse, Sfax, El Jem.


Mahdia Beach,

tel.: (216) 73 69 20 00,

Fax: (216) 73 69 66 86.

Cozy hotel, famous for welcoming hosts and a great chef. Here you can always get a warm welcome. Basic colors include white, blue, green. Ltd.


av. 7 Novembre,

tel. 03/69 42 01.

Located near the old town and not too far from the beach. GS

For the first Mahdi highway passes through the industrial suburbs, and then - again through the olive groves - inland, in the direction of El Jem (El-Djem) 115 km. At 238g. BC Antique Tisdrus initiated the so-called revolt of Gordian, which is reflected discontent of local landowners new taxes imposed by Rome. In the plains of the Sahel from a distance you can see the character of El Jem - a giant amphitheater. During the presentation of it could fit 30,000 spectators. However, its construction was interrupted due to the uprising and never resumed. Tourists should always find time for his visit: the camera to death row cell to predators, rooms for the gladiators in the arena waiting for the call - all this could be very well distinguish among the ruins.

On the outskirts of the village on the road to Sfax is * Archaeological Museum with beautiful mosaics (schedule: 8.00-18.00 daily.). And then in a straight as an arrow road RN1, avoiding monotonous olive groves, you drive 60 km left to ** Sousse, 178 km.

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