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     Tunisia (author Danielle shetar Friedrich chum)
          Route 9

Route 9

By Berbers in Matmata

* Houmt Souk Maret-** Gabes-Matmata, *, * Medenine Houmt Souk (288 km)

Through Gabes, an oasis by the sea, the route leads to the "lunar" landscape around Matmata their underground facilities. Duration of the trip - two days. You can take public transportation (bus or luazh to Gabes to Matmata).

On ferries plying every half hour between Ajim and Dzhorfom, travelers leave the island of Djerba * (p. 72). The road goes through the olive plantations to the intersection with Highway RN1 and there turns north towards Gabes. A few hundred meters after the turn the road crosses the Oued Zigzau along which the town Maret (Mareth) during the Second World War took place reinforced "Mareth Line" (in line with Ueda can still see the remains of bunkers). The gala opening of the museum in the spring of 1944 at Oued demonstrate military equipment and talk about the battle on the ground of Tunisia during World War II.

(Opening hours: daily. Except Mon, 9.00-12.00 and 15.00)

* Gabes (Gabes), 117 km - one of the few oases, located directly by the sea. In medieval times, Gabes, or South Gate, was the end point for caravans from Africa. Picture of palm groves that stretch along the coastline, a bit like the type of the southern seas.

Gabes - is a major economic center of Tunis. Through the sea port Gabes implemented export transportation of chemical products (phosphates). Sam Gabes (100 000 inhabitants). Quiet town was not extraordinary, but the truth, with a very busy market. Not far from the parking lot luazh tourists waiting horse-drawn carriages for a stroll through the gardens of the oasis. However, most of the gardens you can drive around by car. In the shade of date palms grow well crops such as pomegranates, citrus, vegetables, herbs and henna (henna). Henna-dyed hair, wool and leather. Many women use henna for applying temporary tattoos on the hands and face.

Should visit the Museum of Popular Traditions (Schedule: Daily. Except Mon, 9.30-16 30). Lunch is best at «Shellah club», located near the village of Shemini. After New Matmata (Nouvelle Matmata) C107 road rises to the mountain range Dahar, which rises above the plateau Dzheffara. The northernmost part of Dahar is home to Berbers in Matmata.

Matmata ** (Matmata), 160 km, the most famous in the country village of troglodytes. In the 60-ies. most of the residents left in Matmata and moved into a modern village at the foot of the mountains. Meanwhile clever businessmen have converted their former underground dwellings in hotels and restaurants. This specific type of housing in Matmata Berber was very beneficial in terms of attracting tourists. Berber underground dwellings arranged around a central courtyard of the crater, which can be accessed through a side tunnel. Such constructions were created centuries ago Berbers - they were reliable protection from heat in summer and cold in winter.


ONTT center Matmata, unfortunately, are often closed and not always ready to help.

Bus: Gabes, New Matmata, luazh (p. 93) on the mountain roads.


Les Troglodytes,

not far from the road to Matmata Tamezret,

tel.: 05/23 00 88.

A comfortable, modern hotel with a pool. GS


Old Matmata,

tel.: 05/23 March 03.

A comfortable, modern hotel traditional Tunisian architecture. GS

Les Berberes,

in the center of Matmata,

tel.: 05/23 00 24.

Simple hotel in a cave with very friendly service. About


Restaurants in hotels, in addition, a cafe-restaurant near Ouled Azaiz Bureau ontt.

Of Matmata can take a small tour of the hill country, either directly or, more tedious, using popular luazh (p. 93). Secluded Berber villages, such as, for example, Tamezret (Tamezret), 11 km to the west, were sheltered at the foot of the mountain peaks. Every piece of fertile land are protected from erosion costly dams on the method of "Jessore" (p. 84). Using simple tools and a traction force of camels, farmers cultivate their fields. Above it all on a bare hill the ruins Ksara or shining, lime whitewashed dome marabout.

C104 road from Matmata to Tuzhan (Toujane) is absolutely fantastic for the area. This is where Steven Spielberg filmed part of his movie "Star Wars." Gradually, the road descends to the plateau and reaches finally Dzheffara Medenine - the main city of the region, emerged near the old complex gorf (p. 80). Of Medenine can cross by ferry to the island of Djerba

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