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Excursion (author BV Emelyanov)


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Tunisia (author Danielle shetar Friedrich chum)

 Beaches, markets, ancient
 Geographical position and landscape
 Climate and seasonal tourism
 Population and Religion
 Folk Customs
 The economy and the world
 Polity, policy and management
 Protecting the environment by Tunisian
 Historical review
 Culture Yesterday and Today
 Muslim style
 Defenses Berbers
 Music, art, literature
 Events and Ceremonies
 Food and drink
 Leisure activities
 Tunis - Paris North Africa
 City Tour
 Walking through the city
 Walking through the city
 Practical advice
 Nabeul and Hammamet
 Practical advice
 Practical advice
 Thalassotherapy in Hammamet
 Cyc-metropolis of the Sahel
 City Tour
 Practical advice
 Port El Kantaoui-synthetic medicine
 City Tour
 Practical advice
 City Tour
 Practical advice
 Acquisition carpets
 Jerid Oases
 Walk on Tozer
 Economy oasis
 Practical advice
 Oasis thousand domes: Oil
 Practical advice
 Route 1
 Route 2
 Lake ishkel
 Route 3
 Route 4
 Route 5
 Route 6
 Route 7
 Route 8
 Route 9
 Route 10
 Route 11
 Route 12
 Route 13
 Practical advice
 For women traveling alone
 Car rental
 Beaches and pools
In the Sikhote-Alin (author VK Arseniev)

Michail bulgakov. the heart of a dog

Mikhail bulgakov. the master and margarita

Charlotte bronte. jane eyre

F. scott fitzgerald / the great gatsby

Jerome klapka jerome / three men in a boat

     Tunisia (author Danielle shetar Friedrich chum)

Arts and crafts

Pottery - probably the oldest arts and crafts in Tunisia. Simple amphora, similar to those which are made from the master Gellaly in Djerba, potters were able to make the Mediterranean for thousands of years. Now better known and preferred as a souvenir is not an ordinary household dishes from the island of Djerba, and advanced ceramics in blue, white or green colors of Nabeul, which is sold across the country.

Art and saddlers pozumentschikov also has a long tradition. Before their craft was in high favor with those in power, but today they worked hard labor for tourists. Quality bags, slippers, pillows for sitting - is often quite low. The main motto is "the main thing - cheap."

The best choice of silver and gold jewelry - on bitches Sousse and Tunis. Due to its high quality is especially known for gold jewelry from the island of Djerba. Most jewelry is made in the marked oriental style and does not meet modern European tastes. Ornaments are also protected from damage. Especially prevalent charms and pendants with the symbol "Hand of Fatima." Massive silver clasps, hand and ankle bracelets and earrings Berber and Arab seminomads are almost antique value. Beautiful and not too expensive jewelry manufacturing nomads can find in the small shops in the markets of the oases Duza, Tozer and Tataouine.

In villages, many households are among other inventory looms. They are women weave scarves, blankets and clothing fabrics. Manufacturing of woven goods for sale, especially silk, men reserve. In his workshop in bitches they are woven shawls from the finest threads (tips for buying carpets - with. 47).

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