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Tunisia (author Danielle shetar Friedrich chum)

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 Walking through the city
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 City Tour
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In the Sikhote-Alin (author VK Arseniev)

Michail bulgakov. the heart of a dog

Mikhail bulgakov. the master and margarita

Charlotte bronte. jane eyre

F. scott fitzgerald / the great gatsby

Jerome klapka jerome / three men in a boat

     Tunisia (author Danielle shetar Friedrich chum)


Walled medina - the most interesting part of Hammamet (Nat mamet; 30 000 inh.) In the Old Town can be reached through a winding passage in the net. Before such passages were protected by several gates and openable bars. In Medina, Hammamet souvenir trade pushed the mosque shops, the owners of which were engaged in traditional crafts of local places. Non-Muslims are not allowed to enter the mosque and the cemetery south of the Old City. From the wall of the casbah a beautiful view of the bay. As colorful carpet pastel stretches at the feet of the observer Old Town. Coming out of the casbah, it is advisable to look into the boutique «Fella», which is on display in the window of elegant clothing, table linens and ceramics. It sells Tunisian model designers - very good, but very expensive mix of European fashion and Tunisian traditions. Stores have branches in Tunisia and Houmt Souquet.

In the half-hour walk along the bay to the south in a shady park around the villa Dar Sebastian are the oldest and most elegant hotels in Hammamet. Now the park is located in Hammamet Cultural Centre (Centre Culturel de Hammamet). In the 20-ies. Romanian millionaire G.Sebastian built this villa, and 60's. it remained a favorite meeting place for the cultural elite. In August, Its festival, attracting in Hammamet prominent culture. The villa is built in the Moorish style and entwined with flowers. Next to it are a swimming pool and a small cafe. For a small tip, proposed caretaker, you can see the Inter representing certain quarters of a millionaire, and a marble swimming pool

(Opening hours: daily. 9.00-12.00 and 15.00-17.00.)

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