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Excursion (author BV Emelyanov)


1. Fundamentals Excursion

2. guided technique

3. Professional skills guide

 3.1. The tour guide, a profession
 3.2. Personality guide
 3.3. Ekskursovodcheskoe skill
 3.4. Skills guide
 3.5. This guide
 3.6. Vnerechevye communication
Tunisia (author Danielle shetar Friedrich chum)

In the Sikhote-Alin (author VK Arseniev)

Michail bulgakov. the heart of a dog

Mikhail bulgakov. the master and margarita

Charlotte bronte. jane eyre

F. scott fitzgerald / the great gatsby

Jerome klapka jerome / three men in a boat

     3. Professional skills guide
          3.3. Ekskursovodcheskoe skill

Ekskursovodcheskoe skill

Excursion is a process of learning objects and phenomena of the world in which we live. The leader of this process is a qualified tour - owning professional skill. The tour guides are different from each other as professionals certain branches of knowledge and at the same time all the same issues such as knowledge of methods of excursions, teaching skills and ability to lead a group in the process of learning.

Ekskursovodcheskoe skills - this kind of skill, which, in addition to its specific professional basis, includes elements of other skills (teaching, lecturing, etc.). This mastery is reflected in the level of performance of the guidelines, which provide high quality tour presenting the material.

Mastery guide is inseparable from ownership of the main provisions of the excursion theory and methods, and their constant use.

Professional skill guide - a special kind of art, which is built on: the active use and skilful combination show and story; involvement in the perception of interaction of components such as a tour guide and tour a sightseer, application of techniques of tours, owned by specific skills and abilities, inherent to the profession. This skill learn from more experienced professionals from themselves by doing.

Terms of professional skills guide can be divided into two groups - the knowledge and skills.

Knowledge: general knowledge (learning) and knowledge in the specialty (erudition, specialty), knowledge of the excursion theory, methods of excursions, psychology and pedagogy, basic public speaking, logic and ethics.

Ability to: formulate knowledge express their thoughts before the trip (in the text), the story and culture of speech broaden my horizons of people during the tour to use instructional techniques, to convey knowledge to the audience and manage to transmit their belief and conduct themselves in the team.

Learning guide. Of the guide is not required for it to be prepared in all fields and could answer any question. Guides-called scholars who has extensive knowledge on two or three trips, and may, based on their excursions to prepare options for the different categories of tourists, read on your topic lecture, write a paper on one of the issues under the sub-theme. These guides are well aware of the literature in their field.

Mastery guide is inseparable from the ownership and continued use of the theory of the main provisions of the excursion. The main function of the guide not only to transmit knowledge group, but also to make efficient learning trippers. Therefore, an important component of the skill is to hold ekskursovodcheskogo technique that involves not only a thorough knowledge of techniques and show the story, but also an understanding of their technology (ie, the ability to manage the process by which the child acquires knowledge trippers).

Ekskursovodcheskogo skill level depends on several factors. They can be divided into two groups: the first group - factors that are independent of the guide (level methodical documentation, site selection display, route planning, the content of "portfolio guide"), the second group - the factors that depend on the hotel (its general knowledge, knowledge Also, knowledge of the methods of speech, the ability to make contact with the group, practical skills and professional skills).

An important feature of the guide skill - the ability to lead a group, to establish and maintain the necessary contact with the day trippers during the entire tour. Before the tour there is a problem to overcome suspicion that arises when dealing with tourists. Here our guide comes to the aid intuition.

Intuition guide. The guide deals with the groups on different needs and interests, in their relation to this theme, mood, level of attention, etc. This requires a change of speech depending on specific situations, the use of more effective means of expressing their thoughts. Here he comes to the aid of intuition - the ability to comprehend the truth by direct its discretion without justification by the evidence, and on this basis to formulate their thoughts. Intuition comes to the tour guide after years of work and finds its expression in the ability to quickly determine the composition and needs of tourists, to use in the story of an unexpected event, action, fact and conclusions quickly in the event of the interest of tourists to something, the correct response replica of tourists, the ability to find the right way out when a conflict situation and provide the necessary advice and assessment arising from tourists associations, etc.

Our guide, relying on their intuition, without the prior surveys of tourists to determine their interests and on this basis to shorten or lengthen the introductory part of the story, change the content of the logical transition from sub to sub-topic. Intuition guide tells him what a methodical technique is most effective in the audience. No less a role in determining the mood of the intuition of tourists, their relationship to the observed objects. It allows you to avoid the tour guide standard "average" tour and a differentiated approach to the presentation of the material.

Guide work is creative. Creativity in the activity guide is reflected not only in his imagination, but also in their daily work using the methodical selection of proverbs, sayings literature, various forms of speech animation in search of logical transitions between sub-topics to improve the techniques of excursions . However, creativity guide in the course of the tour does not extend beyond the scope of the control text and methodologies.

It is important that employees and managers of methodological guidance and support sections noticed reasonable initiative guides encourage their desire to take action aimed at improving the tour business. Some excursions, prepared and conducted by guides, creatively related to the entrusted case are true lessons of professional skills.


An important portion of any tour agency is continuous improvement of professional skills of guides. To achieve this goal can be recommended different ways:

1) improvement of methodical work of all its components: Methodist methodical department managers, the methodological section guides, methodological and methodical cabinet council;

2) Preparation of high-quality training material, the timely introduction of the necessary additions and changes to the control text, excursions, sightseeing route adjustment;

3) the development of techniques technology story and display allowing for the tour so;

4) development of techniques of guided tours and organizational issues;

5) establishing and maintaining contact between the guide and tourists throughout the tour, which is determined by command of the fundamentals of psychology, pedagogy and logic.

All the work of professional development is planned and organized. Great help to the hotel (especially beginners) may have a special methodological literature.


The basis of high skill guide is the knowledge, skills, personality, pride in their profession. The true skill is not possible without love for his work, and respect for their chosen profession.

The process of improvement of professional skill of the guide is limitless. An important place is occupied: the work on the study guide excursion theory, a deeper understanding of the nature tours, intuition development, enrichment of language and learning skills to use it.

Test questions:

1. Profession as a kind of guide work.

2. Requirements for the tour guide.

3. Formation ekskursovodcheskogo skill.

4. Professional skills guide.

5. Learning guide.

6. Intuition guide.

7. Ways to increase ekskursovodcheskogo skill.

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